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Four Acrobats

Circus birthday party Venue

Best kids circus party in Melbourne!

Experience the ultimate circus extravaganza with our unforgettable circus-themed birthday party! Prepare to make lasting memories as your child and their friends embark on a thrilling journey filled with laughter, excitement, and the sheer joy of the circus.

Duration: 2 hours

Workshop and Fun Activities: Our experienced circus trainers from Circus Lab will lead an exciting 1-hour and 15-minute workshop, ensuring that your child and their friends have an absolute blast while learning circus skills. From trapeze to tissue, trampoline to tight wire, hula hoops to juggling, our workshop covers a wide range of thrilling activities that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Party food: After the workshop, you'll have 30 minutes for party food and cake. Bring your favorite snacks and treats to personalise the dining experience and cater to your preferences. Note that we don't provide food, so please bring your own refreshments, along with plates and cutlery, to enhance the party atmosphere. Enjoy this dedicated time to celebrate your child's special day with delicious delights that suit your tastes.

Pack-Up Time: We understand the need for a smooth transition, so we have allotted 15 minutes for you to pack up your belongings and ensure a hassle-free departure.

To ensure the smooth running of our parties, we kindly request that all activities adhere to the allocated times. Please be aware that additional charges may apply if the party runs overtime or if additional cleaning is required.

Our circus birthday party is suitable for children aged 5-16, ensuring an age-appropriate and engaging experience for all. The activities are thoughtfully curated to cater to various skill levels and provide a delightful blend of entertainment and physical activity.

For safety reasons, this circus party is exclusively designed for children over 5 years old. If you have younger children, we kindly request that a parent or adult accompanies them throughout the entire event. Safety first!

Acrobat Hanging On Ropes


$385 for up to 10 participants (1 circus trainer)

$495 for up to 20 participants ( 2 Circus trainers)

$25 per extra participant


  • 1h 15m circus workshop

  • 30 Minutes for Party food, cake and drinks.  BYO

  • 15 Minutes pack up time

  • Tables, tablecloths and chairs 

  • Kitchen with all appliances: We offer a fully equipped kitchen with appliances such as an oven, fridge, and microwave.

  • Parking available

Sundays 10am-12:pm


1-7 Chifley Dr

Preston VIC 3072


Unforgettable Circus-Themed Birthday Parties at Your Doorstep

We specialise in bringing the excitement of a circus-themed birthday party right to your doorstep! Our dedicated team of professional circus trainers will entertain and teach circus skills to make your child's birthday party a truly unforgettable experience. From thrilling games and fun activities to juggling, hula-hoops, spinning plates, devil sticks and parachute games , we offer a wide range of engaging activities for children aged 5 to 16.

Whether you choose to host the party at your venue or home, our experienced trainers will bring all the necessary equipment to ensure a seamless and entertaining celebration.

Please note that additional travel costs may apply based on the location of your event.

Get ready to create magical memories as your child and their friends embark on a circus adventure like no other!


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Package 1

Package 1

  • 60 minutes Circus party

  • 1 circus trainer

  • Up to 20 participants


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Package 2

Package 2

  • 60 minutes Circus party

  • 2 circus trainers

  • Up to 30  participants



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