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Professional development for teachers

Circus Workshop     -     Introduction to the circus!

Enhance your professional development as a teacher with our specialized circus classes designed specifically for educators. Discover the world of circus skills while having fun, improving fitness, coordination, balance, teamwork, and confidence.

Our interactive circus classes offer a unique opportunity for educators to extend their learning through both educational and recreational activities. Develop new skills in a supportive environment that encourages growth and fosters a sense of adventure.

Classes include a variety of exciting elements, such as juggling balls, human pyramids, hula hoops, devil sticks, spinning plates, and even acrobalance and tumbling. Immerse yourself in these engaging activities that promote physical and mental well-being.

We bring the entire circus experience to your location, providing all the necessary equipment for a seamless and immersive learning session. Our classes are facilitated by qualified circus trainers, ensuring personalised attention and guidance for a maximum of 20 participants.

Rest assured, we prioritise safety, as we carry public liability insurance with coverage of $20,000,000.

Elevate your professional development journey with Circus Lab's unique circus classes for teachers. Discover new talents, build confidence, and gain valuable skills that you can integrate into your teaching practice. Unleash your inner performer while embracing the joy and excitement of the circus arts!

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