At Circus Lab, our passion is entertainment, and it is the main essence our performers live by. Since 2016, we’ve been providing audiences from all over with a broad selection of shows and performances, and has grown to be recognised as one of the leading circus entertainment troupes in all of Victoria. Our family of talented artists bring you the best experiences and work hard to entertain you all year long.

Circus Girl

Our stunning Circus girl provides playful interaction with your guests and creates a fantastic and vibrant atmosphere. The performer can welcome guests, mingle with and interact with both adults and children, posing for photos at any event. The beautiful character is perfect for both day and night time events.

Suited for festivals, birthday parties, activations and themed events.

This beautiful circus tent character  will amaze your guests during the night with the magical lights.

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Kids love bubbles and butterflies, and it is the best combination to entertain the little ones.

This stunning butterfly will bring colour, fun and beauty to your event or party. The performer mingle with guests playing with giant and small bubbles entertaining children and adults.

The performer will amaze guests with their beautiful and sparkly costume and makeup, 

Always smiling and graceful, this performer will enchant all whom they encounter.

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Add colour, magic and fun to your next event or party with our wonderful and talented Juggler Harlequins, The artists will perform a variety of juggling tricks while interacting with guests.


They are very playful and funny and love bringing and displaying their skills to all kinds of audience.

The roving juggler act is suitable for any kind of event as; festivals, kids birthday parties, shopping centres and activations.

You may book the harlequins either solo or as a duo.

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Queen of Hearts

The most beloved character of our roving performers.This amazing Queen of Hearts will bring joy, entertainment, fun and elegance to your event, posing for photos at any event.

Perfect for Valentines Day events, Alice in Wonderland themed parties, corporate events, festivals and activations.

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Rolling Skate

Roll up, roll up!

Our roving roller skate performer is ready to amaze and entertain any kind of event. The performer will bring a fun and excitement to entertain guests, advertise products, and promote your business.

We offer a range of themes such us; christmas, ballet dancers, harlequins and more.

Unique entertainment suitable for exhibitions, product launches, birthday parties, activations, street markets and festivals alike.

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Hula Hoop

Funny, talented and stunning hula hooper harlequins will bring a magical time to your event.

With their amazing hula hoop skills they will interact with both children and adults. The performers will be able to perform in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They are available as a roving act for festivals, birthday parties, themed events, corporate events and more.

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Ice Queen

Make your event sparkle with our beautiful ice queen entertainer. 


She will turn your event or party into a magical experience.

The performer will entertain your guests with both giant and small bubbles, and she will interact with and entertain the children. 

Suitable for festival kids birthday parties and themed parties.

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Christmas Elf

Funny, beautiful and ready to impress.

Our festive elf entertainer is perfect for a christmas parties and for children's entertainment.   

The performer will entertain all kinds of audience with circus skills such as juggling, hula hoop, diabolo and more.

The christmas elf entertainer is excellent for roving performances in shopping centres, festivals, Christmas Carol and lights celebrations, family events and more.

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Snow White