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Circus trainers

                                                                               Circus incursion


Welcome to our thrilling Circus Incursion Holiday Program! Designed as an introduction to the exciting world of circus, this workshop is tailor-made for children of all ages, offering a wide range of engaging activities that will develop their circus skills. Throughout the class, participants will have the opportunity to explore and thrilling feats such as human pyramids, juggling, hula hoop, devil sticks, spinning plates, diabolo, and much more fun.

Our recreational class is designed to create a fun and interactive learning environment. As kids have a blast, they simultaneously enhance their independence, fitness, and coordination. It's a perfect balance of skill-building and enjoyment that allows children to learn and grow in a vibrant atmosphere.

At Circus Lab, we believe in the power of combining fun and education. Our Circus Incursion Holiday Program offers an unforgettable experience that will have kids talking about their adventures for ages. Join us for a fun-filled and engaging journey that will ignite imagination, foster growth, and create lifelong memories.


If you would like to enquire about availabilities, make a booking, or discuss how we can help with your event, please call us on: 0401358241 or Get in touch via our contact page

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